The digital shopping experience

Picture this: your customers enjoy a unique and relaxing shopping experience. One which combines all the advantages of offline and online retail, making shopping more satisfying and more successful. Well, shopreme makes this possible!

shopreme digitalises all processes within your retail business, with the tool perfectly adapted to your market and needs.

This means that the customer journey doesn’t start in your shop, but wherever your customer is now – at home on the sofa, having lunch in the office, or out and about. None of their precious time is wasted. The app also shows relevant campaigns and discounts, increasing customer loyalty and making marketing more efficient.

shopreme gives your customers that corner shop experience – this digital shopping consultant understands your customers and their shopping behaviour and can display personalised offers and recommendations. shopreme even directs customers to the products, draws attention to vouchers, automatically enters loyalty points, and safely stores the receipt after payment. In addition, the app provides further information on individual products using descriptions or multimedia content.

Existing customer loyalty programmes can be easily integrated into the shopreme app, ensuring your customers never miss out on benefits.

shopreme story

How shopreme works

1. Shoppers scan products with the retailer’s branded smartphone app
2. The products can be paid for directly in the app using a wide range of payment methods
3. An employee picks some customers for a rescan, after which they can leave the shop


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Why shopreme?

Most friction when shopping in Brick&Mortar stores is encountered at the checkout. The current process is both inefficient for the retailer and inconvenient for the shopper. Checkout queues lead to high staff costs for the retailer, take up valuable space and – most importantly – are a point of frustration for the customer.

shopreme's Scan & Go solution solves these problems by fully digitising the checkout process. Customers open the retailer's app, scan the products themselves and complete the purchase on their phone via mobile payment. They then immediately receive a digital invoice. Research showed that customers using self-checkout apps complete their purchases in a third of the time of customers without an app, but they also have 10% larger baskets.

Why shopreme?

Problems with Self-Checkout systems

Some retailers have started rolling out self-service checkouts. We believe that this is only half the solution, since it solves just one of the problems:

Although it may be a little less staff intense, it takes up a lot of space in the store and, more importantly, customers are still required to stand in line and scan all their products at the exit. Studies show that customer acceptance of such systems still leaves a lot to be desired.

Also, retailers miss out on valuable insights into their customers' behaviour and have no link between purchases and customers.

Comeback from the crisis

shopreme enables safe shopping:

  • zero contact
  • zero queues
  • zero friction

Your customers are coming back to a better retail experience with shopreme.

Customer success stories


We are working together with BILLA to transform the shopping experience at the largest supermarket chain in Austria. After a successful internal trial period our solution is now available for all of their customers.

  • All ~70,000 BILLA products are supported – including items packaged at the time of purchase like weighed products and delicacies
  • Integration of the jö loyalty programme used by multiple large retailers in Austria
  • Digital invoicing in accordance with Austrian fiscalisation legislation App

At Möbelix, the search for a salesman is a thing of the past. By introducing Möbelix Scan & Go customers are now able to reserve and buy their desired furniture themselves. App

Airport Munich

Munich airport has launched Tap, Pay & Enjoy based on shopreme, and with it, the airport emphasizes his innovation leadership as Europes best airport.

Our partnership with SES-imagotag enables customers to tap price labels with their mobile phones and pay via shopreme web without ever downloading an app. App


With its innovative store concept, Freiraum in Berlin is the perfect match for shopreme.

All payments in the mix of showroom and store are processed digitally using the native shopreme apps and shopreme web. No checkout, no cashier – the entire buying process happens on their customers’ smartphones.

In addition, products can be selected for home delivery. App

Our partners

Comeback from the crisis Check out our customer success stories!