Retail loss prevention

shopreme offers a choice of three tools to help retailers rise to the challenge.

Smart Phone Loss Prevention

Strategies for loss prevention in retail

Shrinkage and its prevention pose a genuine challenge for retailers, with global shrinkage losses estimated to have exceeded $100 billion in 2019. That is why retailers must develop and implement a holistic and robust loss prevention strategy that covers analog and digitally enhanced customer journeys. shopreme offers a choice of three tools to help retailers rise to the challenge.

Employee App Basket and Invoice Scan

Employee App

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Exit Terminal

Exit Gate Control Strategies

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RFID Cloud Security

RFID Cloud

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Employee app

shopreme’s Scan & Go solution provides robust risk analysis algorithms to select users for audits by employees. While user data triggers some audits, including their previous audit data and frequency of use, shopreme bases other audits on the specifics of the shopping journey, e.g., the time between scans and scan times. A third category focuses on products with triggers, including age-related products, security-protected products, or high-price items. The employee app intelligently sorts shopping carts to help employees to check items efficiently.

For Example:

  • Articles sorted by value so employees can quickly detect higher-priced items that customer have not scanned
  • A list of above-average numbers of the same products can provide an indicator for erroneous scanning
  • A list of promotional items, which might show buy-one-get-one-free abuse

shopreme customizes these lists to best suit your specific retail segment and gives employees a real-time overview of all purchases. Customer shopping carts can be checked regardless of their internet connection status.

Employee App Basket and Invoice Scan

Exit gate control strategies

Two shopreme Scan & Go exit gate options are available that allow retailers to lead Scan & Go users through designated exit areas to secure loss-prevention:

Exit gate light

Customers scan their receipt code at a dedicated terminal which will notify employees via the employee app.

Exit gate

Customers pay at a dedicated terminal. Robust algorithms prompt employees to audit randomly-selected shoppers at the terminal.

Employees and customers receive a notification that confirms the success of the purchase.

Exit Terminal

RFID cloud

shopreme-integrated smart Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions enable retailers to offer their customers a seamless, autonomous shopping experience while also increasing technological efficiency. RFID cloud solutions allow products’ RFID tags to be deactivated after payment. This means that the customer can leave the store without an employee’s help while also providing vital information that can improve on-shelf availability. If an active RFID tag is recognized, an alarm will sound at the gate.

RFID Cloud Security Smartphone RFID

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