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Customer scanning at shopreme matrix SCO

shopreme Re-Invents Self-Checkout with Customer-Centric SCO

shopreme, leading provider of unified self-checkout solutions, announced the launch of the shopreme matrix Self-Checkout Kiosk. This innovative SCO, developed with umdasch The Store Makers, reshapes the self-checkout experience by catering to the needs of both retailers and consumers. It will go into operation with the first customers this year.

Consumer-Centric Design with a Focus on User Experience

The shopreme matrix goes above and beyond in addressing the complexities and challenges commonly associated with traditional self-checkout systems. Developed with a focus on the customer journey, shopreme matrix is as intuitive as a modern smartphone application. Its user-friendly software and sophisticated hardware design guarantee a seamless, enjoyable experience for consumers, allowing them to navigate the self-checkout process smoothly.

Premium Hardware in Partnership with umdasch The Store Makers

The premium hardware of the shopreme matrix results from a strategic collaboration with umdasch The Store Makers, a renowned expert in retail hardware manufacturing. With a track record of over 150 years, umdasch is a leading innovator in the retail sector, specializing in shopfitting, digital solutions, and premium retail environments. The alliance between shopreme and umdasch brings together the best of software and hardware expertise, resulting in a truly exceptional joint product.

shopreme matrix SCO

Customized Solutions Tailored for Retailers

Recognizing the unique needs of retailers, the shopreme matrix is a highly customizable self-checkout solution. Retailers can adapt the system to their requirements from unit one, choosing from various options such as basket and bagging shelves, impulse purchase grids, colors, and the software’s UI/UX. The shopreme matrix SCO easily sets up in any retail environment and supports the full range of retail products, including weight and bundle units, products with deposits, age-restricted products, and more.

Convenience and Efficiency at the Forefront

Designed for store efficiency, the shopreme matrix aims to deliver maximum value with minimal maintenance and costs. A highlight in that regard is the Eco Receipt, reducing paper usage by 80%. It allows customers to print a QR code for downloading a digital receipt instead of a full paper receipt. This innovation, simultaneously acting as an exit code for an optional exit system, benefits the environment and leads to significant savings in maintenance and operational costs.

Demand-Based Employee Interaction

shopreme Employee App screen in front of shopreme matrix SCO

The shopreme matrix incorporates a novel age verification process using shopreme’ dedicated Employee App. The verification step can be completed remotely for self-checkout customers, transforming interactions between employees and customers into a more demand-based system. This innovation increases overall store efficiency while maintaining compliance with age-restricted product regulations.

A Unified Self-Checkout Ecosystem

The shopreme matrix is designed for seamless integration into the shopreme ecosystem. With a one-time integration, retailers can equip their stores with the shopreme matrix, shopreme Scan & Go, and shopreme vector exit terminals. This unified approach provides retailers valuable analytics, remote age-verification capabilities, a combination of software- and hardware-based loss prevention, and a dedicated Employee App for a comprehensive self-checkout experience. It also means that shoppers can opt for a hybrid journey – scanning items using their phone and paying by card at the kiosk.

Shopper scanning items at the shopreme matrix SCO, another customer handing over the Scan & Go basket to the SCO as part of the hybrid journey, and a customer completing the checkout with a card present payment.
shopreme matrix SCO journey (left), hybrid journey with Scan & Go (top right), and card present payment to complete the checkout (bottom right).

Innovative Risk Analysis Algorithm and Security Measures

The shopreme ecosystem powers a proven software-based loss prevention system, also utilized in the matrix system. An algorithm selects baskets for spot checks based on predefined parameters and custom events. By intelligently analyzing factors such as overall basket value, high-risk products or locations, and scanning behavior, it identifies potential risks and prompts store employees to perform an inspection. Working in conjunction with the shopreme vector exit system, the shopreme matrix offers an innovative, secure, and efficient self-checkout experience for both retailers and shoppers.

Coming to Stores in 2023

The shopreme matrix SCO goes into operation with the first customers this year. Consumers in Europe are among the first to benefit from shopreme’s intuitive self-checkout kiosk optimized for a swift and frictionless self-service experience.

About shopreme

shopreme is at the forefront of unified self-checkout solutions, offering a comprehensive range of products and services to simplify and enhance the retail customer experience. With their innovative Scan & Go, SCO, and exit solutions, shopreme is revolutionizing how customers shop and pay in stores.

About umdasch The Store Makers

The Store Makers at umdasch create extraordinary worlds of experience for exquisite customers. With around 1,400 employees, umdasch is one of the leading shopfitting companies in Europe. The company realizes more than 7,000 shopfitting and 200 general contractor projects every year. The company is part of the Umdasch Group and has its headquarters in Amstetten, Austria.