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Success Recipes: Mastering Scan & Go and Self-Checkout

The retail industry is shifting heavily toward digitalization. With e-commerce offering instant, personalized customer service, brick-and-mortar retailers need to follow suit and find ways to offer the same level of convenience and personalization in-store. In the face of personnel shortage, this can only work by bringing customer journeys, including the checkout, into self-service mode. 

Discover how to optimize your store for efficiency and provide an exceptional customer experience with insights from EuroShop 2023. From retail technology to connected retail and store design, the EHI – Retail Institute offered a wealth of inspiration and proven tactics. We’ve distilled our personal highlights and key takeaways to help you enhance your retail operations. 

The customer journey is dead. Long live the customer journeys!

Gone are the days when retailers could optimize their stores for a single customer journey. Nowadays, retailers have to consider multiple possible journeys simultaneously; and to complicate matters, customers often transition between different journeys or use them concurrently. 

To thrive in today’s market, it’s crucial to consider consumers’ diverse expectations and needs. After all, no two customers are the same, and delivering convenient and personalized experiences is key to driving customer loyalty and engagement. 

top view of a store with different customer touchpoints

New customer journeys and innovative retail technology

Today, consumers expect retailers to deliver digital in-store experiences, and they actively choose those who do over those who don’t. Already 57% of consumers globally say that digital self-service solutions are important to them when choosing a store. We can see this trend across retail verticals – from grocery to fashion, drugstores, DIY stores, etc. 

As a result, we see new customer journeys and innovative retail technologies, such as Scan & Go, popping up in more and more stores around the world. However, Scan & Go not only offers a new way of shopping, but it also changes established shopping habits. With Scan & Go, the customer journey no longer requires a physical endpoint in the store. The checkout can happen entirely on the smartphone. 

Retailers, consequently, need to carefully guide shoppers through this new customer journey and adjust their stores accordingly. 

The recipe for achieving high Scan & Go adoption rates

If you’re looking to boost your Scan & Go adoption rates and make your customers happy, then you won’t want to miss shopreme CEO and Co-Founder Florian Burgstaller’s Scan & Go Masterclass at EuroShop’s Retail Technology Stage. 

During this Masterclass, Florian shared five essential themes that have been tried and tested by successful retailers who have implemented Scan & Go with shopreme. These themes are based on real-life experiences and case studies and include effective advertising, enhancing the customer experience, optimizing the physical environment, securing stakeholder buy-in, and getting the rollout size and speed right. 

By following these themes, you’ll be able to get Scan & Go right from the start. You can now watch Florian Burgstaller’s talk on demand! 


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Aligning technology and store design with a unified self-checkout

Scan & Go has revolutionized shopping as we know it, and it’s important to view it as more than just an isolated customer journey or checkout. 

As a form of self-checkout, Scan & Go deserves its dedicated place in the store. Implementing fast-checkout lanes with shopreme vector exit terminals for Scan & Go shoppers can make all the difference, boosting transaction rates from a mere 1-2% to an impressive 10-20%. These numbers represent the German avg. compared to what we see achieved and realistic at our customers, including the Dohle Group’s HIT markets in Germany.  

In stores with multiple self-checkout options, Scan & Go should be integrated with SCOs and other forms of self-service in a unified self-checkout area. Even if you started your customer journey online and placed a Click & Collect order, you should be able to continue shopping in-store and check out the way you prefer – be it with Scan & Go, at an SCO, or even a traditional cash desk. 

Picture of inside a store with two checkout zones

This unified approach is also a game-changer for countries that require printed receipts. A centralized self-checkout zone ensures that Scan & Go journeys remain frictionless, preventing long queues at the cash desk. Scan & Go shoppers can still pay on their phone and scan a confirmation code at the SCO to receive their printed receipt. 

The benefits of a unified self-checkout area with shopreme vector exit terminals, developed together with umdasch, don’t end with convenience and efficiency. By having a centralized meeting point for basket spot checks across all self-checkout options, retailers can prevent loss and enhance store security. With loss being top of mind of retailers globally, this is extremely powerful and helps keep store operations efficient and effective. 

Symbiotic retail: how Scan & Go fuels data across channels and drives revenue

The concept of Omnichannel has been a buzzword in recent years, and many agree that catching customers wherever they are is crucial. However, it’s easy to overlook the most important point – creating value for everyone involved, including customers, retailers, and brands. 

Retailers are transforming into media businesses, and they must combine data from all sources to create new revenue streams. The opportunities are enormous and include a better customer experience and new media revenue streams. With Scan & Go, retailers can finally gain detailed insights into the in-store shopping journey and engage customers directly on their personal devices. 

During his talk on the Connected Retail Stage at EuroShop 2023, Kevin Müller highlighted the Symbiotic Retail opportunities that are now available to retailers. By embracing new technology and taking a customer-centric approach, retailers can stay ahead of the game and provide an exceptional shopping experience for their customers. 


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Key Takeaways

Intuitive self-service and excellent customer service are two critical success factors for brick-and-mortar retail moving forward. Stores need to adapt to this paradigm shift by offering new impulse zones and dedicated self-checkout areas. Scan & Go adds more than just another checkout to the puzzle. It is a low CapEx strategic technology that enables retailers to engage customers on their personal devices wherever they are and open up new revenue streams through retail media and more. 

Reach out to learn more and discuss how Scan & Go can add value to your retail business.