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Scan & Go – The Safe and Convenient Shopping Experience

shopreme Scan & Go for retailers 3 months free of charge during COVID-19

The retail industry has been heavily impacted and transformed by COVID-19. Providing a secure shopping process for customers and employees is a top priority.

Protection while shopping during COVID-19

Customers want to reduce risk, shop less frequently and with more focus, and spend less time in stores. Measures to protect shoppers include avoiding direct contact through spacing and plexiglass, cashless payments, avoiding the use of shared devices such as touchscreens, and regularly sanitizing hands and equipment.

Cashier cleaning checkout surface as a protection measure against COVID-19

In addition to inconvenience for shoppers and staff, safety also means additional cost and effort for retailers. For example, a German drugstore chain invested 6 million euros in Plexiglas protection.

Security and convenience through Scan & Go

Contactless is the buzzword, yet the shopping experience thrives on contact and interaction. Safe shopping in pandemic times and beyond must mean “safe and positive interaction while shopping.”

Scan & Go is the solution for COVID-19 and the future. Customers scan their purchase with their smartphone and pay directly in the app. There is no direct contact during checkout, and there is no use of shared devices. Only the customer comes into contact with the purchased goods, as they are no longer pulled over the checkout scanner.

Scan & Go enables interaction and additional convenience during shopping through additional features in the app. Using indoor navigation, customers can quickly find the goods they are looking for. Extended product information and recommendations in the app help customers make the right purchase decision. Everything runs contactless and yet the customer is indirectly and digitally interacting with the retailer and enjoys a variety of benefits while shopping.

Multiple benefits through self-scanning solutions

COVID-19 has accelerated self-scanning. More and more retailers are embracing mobile self-checkout through Scan & Go apps. In addition to secure shopping, Scan & Go solutions offer a number of other benefits:

  • Increased productivity at the POS.
  • Cost efficiency by savings on cash registers.
  • Increased conversion and sales through a positive shopping experience.
  • Perfect omnichannel experience in the brick-and-mortar space by connecting the offline and online worlds and merging the benefits of both channels.
shopreme Scan & Go for retailers 3 months free during COVID-19