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About Shopreme

We love shopping –
and consumers love shopping with shopreme.

Customer using shopreme Scan & Go in the store

Our Mission

We create value for retailers by creating value for their customers. We achieve this by developing retail technology that combines the best of physical and digital commerce. Our solutions help brick-and-mortar retailers create exciting shopping experiences that are convenient and fast and turn customers into loyal brand advocates.

Our Vision

We set standards in Scan & Go and shape brick-and-mortar retail worldwide. Above all, we are a company that improves people’s lives by saving them time while encouraging them to make the right purchasing decisions. We strive for excellence in everything we do, which can be felt by everyone who works with and for us.

Our Story

Founder Story

Our roots trace back to three friends with a bold idea. In 2015, driven by their passion for technology and vision of creating solutions that facilitate everyday life, Florian Burgstaller, Florian Becker, and Markus Eibel founded wirecube.

“We wanted to build a company where we would love to work ourselves – where developers would get everything they needed to reach their full potential. A company where everyone had the same say, where everyone’s input was valued and individual strengths were encouraged. As we didn’t find that anywhere, we took matters into our own hands,” Markus Eibel remembers.

Markus Eibel, Florian Becker, Florian Burgstaller
A Bold Idea – Shaping the Future of Retail

Soon after the company was founded, the team started developing shopreme Scan & Go with the lofty ambition of shaping the future of retail.

“Despite our passion for technology and the convenience of online services, we have always loved the exciting shopping experiences you can only have in a physical store,” Florian Burgstaller explains. “It’s all about feeling, tasting, smelling, or trying a product in person – and that’s something e-commerce just can’t deliver. On the other hand, we never understood why retailers didn’t bet on technology to solve omnipresent issues like endless queues at the checkout. With consumers taking their smartphones everywhere, using these devices to scan products and pay for their shopping was the obvious solution for us.”

Nico Müller presenting
From Product to Company

For shopreme, the timing was just right. Many retailers already had customer apps in place and quickly recognized shopreme Scan & Go as a solid and cost-effective checkout method that would add significant value to their service portfolio. With more and more customers signing up, the team quickly needed to expand.

To meet the high demand, wirecube entered a strategic partnership with Umdasch Group Ventures in 2020. We found the ideal partner with a long and illustrious history of working in retail, a global footprint, and full confidence in our solution.

shopreme team
Driving Retail Technology Innovation

We believe that consumers should experience the same level of speed, convenience, and personalization in a brick-and-mortar store as with online shopping. That’s why we’ve created shopreme – a turnkey Scan & Go solution that empowers retailers to provide frictionless checkout and hybrid customer journeys in stores around the globe.

We are constantly working on bringing additional value to retailers and their customers.

Kevin Müller on stage

Our Team





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Our Values

We are convinced that the core values we live in our everyday work form the basis of our joint success. We reinforce these values with every decision we make.

One For All

In order to produce excellent software, it is important to have a focused team that helps each other out. No team member should have to face challenges on their own.

while (!great) improve()

We are not afraid of questioning existing solutions and trying out new approaches.

Raise and praise

While we continuously solve emerging problems, it is important for us to uphold what has already been achieved.

Be proud of what you do

Being proud of what we accomplish is key for us, both as a group and as individuals.

Passion for Technology

Technology is evolving at an ever-accelerating pace. Staying on top means staying hungry for new opportunities.

High expectations,
without exceptions

Average is not enough. We want to be excellent!

Criticize ideas, not people

Maintaining a working atmosphere that encourages critical thinking and innovation requires an open mind.

Help us shape the future of retail

We built shopreme because we want to use it ourselves. We want the shopping experience in store to be amazing and intuitive for the
customers. If you want to join us and help us shape the future of retail, take a look at the positions we currently have open.

shopreme staff having a great time

Our Customers


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