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Software Development

Our Software Development Services at a Glance

With nine years of experience in the retail tech industry, we understand that software development requirements can vary. Using this know-how, we create customized solutions tailored to your overall business needs.

Retail Design & Technology Consulting

We design and integrate solutions that meet the specific needs of your business. This allows us to help you implement customized technologies and designs that specifically improve your customer service and internal processes.

  • Payment Integration Services
    Apply advanced payment systems to make your customers’ transactions safer and more efficient.

  • Mobile App Integration
    Integrate user-centered applications that expand your services and improve your customers’ user experience.

  • Hardware Development
    Leverage custom-designed and engineered hardware to improve the efficiency and customer experience at the point of sale.

AI-assisted Solutions & Analytics

By developing and integrating specialized Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, we help you gain deeper insights into customer behavior and create more relevant service offerings.

  • AI-assisted Solutions
    Implement AI for purchase insights, persona analysis, risk prevention, user analytics, recommendations, and more to meet your customers’ needs.

  • Analytics and Visualization
    Integrate advanced tools that enable you to effectively analyze data and make strategic decisions based on solid information.

“The cooperation with shopreme has always been characterized by pragmatic and cooperative unity. The agile team delivered excellent results in developing and customizing their product for us, with strong support from the management.”
Marko Scheffler, Chief Product Owner, REWE digital

Content Management & Delivery

We improve your content management and delivery to streamline user-system interaction. This enables users to interact more efficiently with your systems.

  • Content Management & Delivery
    Efficiently manage and deliver content to ensure that the right information is available in the right place at the right time.

  • Human-Machine Interfaces
    Improve the interaction between users and digital systems for a better user experience at the interfaces.

customer shopping at the shopreme matrix self-checkout kiosk

Smart Device Solutions

Our goal in the field of smart device solutions is to optimize your retail environment through the use of smart device services and elements of mobile application development.

  • Retail Smart Services
    By integrating smart services such as Zebra and Elo, you get customized solutions that increase the interactivity and accessibility of your offerings.

  • Mobile App Development
    Leverage mobile applications that meet the needs of today’s retailers.

You Have an Idea – We Take It from Here

  1. 1 Retail Technology Consulting
  2. 2 Ideation / Exploration
  3. 3 Implementation of the individual solution
  4. 4 Testing for quality assurance
  5. 5 Handover to your teams

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