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Ecosystem overview

The shopreme Ecosystem

shopreme Scan & Go at a Glance

Offering one-stop Self-Checkout solutions since 2015, we create outstanding shopping experiences and great value for customers and retailers.

The shopreme Ecosystem

shopreme offers retailers a Unified Self-Checkout Ecosystem that helps you gain a competitive edge and provide the shopping experience your customers demand. Our turnkey Scan & Go solution includes white-label customer apps and a dedicated employee app. It is tightly integrated with all your relevant systems and service providers, allowing for an easy start and short time to market. The same is true for the shopreme matrix Self-Checkout kiosk. Our exit solution shopreme vector adds the final touch, providing a clear, physical endpoint for the customer journey.

Take full control – our Management Console gives you access to detailed analytics on Scan & Go and Self-Checkout purchases, transactions, and customer feedback. Manage individual stores, including customer engagement, personalized recommendations, and much more.

Illustration of the shopreme Ecosystem with Customer App, Self-Checkout, Ecit Solution, Employee App, Business Processes, DataHub, Integrations & Partners, Analytics
Customer shopping with shopreme Scan & Go; Basket View in the app

Scan & Go Options: SDK, Native Apps, and Handheld Scanners

Regardless of the chosen implementation – SDK, Native App, Handheld Scanners – you will have access to all our features, designed to provide excellent out-of-the-box coverage even for your special use cases. Some of the most common use cases include weighted products, product purity, and compound products.

Our software is compatible with Zebra hardware to provide a handheld scanning solution independent of the customer’s device. Regardless of the desired implementation, our Scan & Go solution is packed full of functionality to enhance the shopping experience and give customers the convenience and independence they are increasingly demanding.


Designed for consumers and built for retailers, shopreme matrix is the Self-Checkout kiosk your customers actually want to use. The SCO boasts a sleek user interface reminiscent of a mobile app, ensuring customers have a swift and intuitive user experience. Shoppers only see what is relevant to them, while employees have everything they need right at their fingertips in our Employee App.

As part of the shopreme ecosystem, matrix is fully Scan & Go-enabled, offering shoppers the option to scan products using their phone but complete the purchase at the SCO with a card present payment.

customer shopping at the shopreme matrix self-checkout kiosk
Store Employee using the shopreme Employee App, Spot Check View in the app.

Employee App

Store employees are vital stakeholders in the Self-Checkout process. Our dedicated Employee App empowers them to monitor Scan & Go and SCO shoppers in real time and fulfill key functions such as age verification for age-restricted products and spot checks for baskets selected by our smart loss prevention algorithm. A live view and complete history of paid baskets help employees monitor Scan & Go and SCO baskets and assist customers when needed.

Loss Prevention

shopreme combines three pillars of highly effective loss prevention mechanisms to minimize risk for your business while giving you full control over the checkout experience: technological, psychological, and human.

Software-based mechanisms combined with our exit solution shopreme vector remind customers that they may be subject to a Spot Check, while also funneling Scan & Go and SCO shoppers through a dedicated self-service exit. This removes the temptation to sneak out without paying and creates clarity for employees, who can easily recognize Scan & Go customers and if they have paid for their shopping.

Customer checking out at shopreme vector
illustration of shopreme ecosystem integrations - purple cubes


Let us do the heavy lifting. The most critical factor for a successful introduction of Scan & Go and SCOs is the integration into your existing infrastructure. We take care of everything from securely completing the payment to reporting the transaction to your accounting.

To ensure a fast and smooth integration, we have implemented the shopreme DataHub, which offers well-documented interfaces for external systems that are often part of the Scan & Go and SCO user journeys, such as:

  • Product Information Import
  • Online Price Calculation
  • Loyalty Systems
  • Cash Register Payment (broad range of pre-integrated providers)
  • Invoicing
  • Transaction Clearing