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With shopreme Scan & Go, your customers can scan products conveniently on their smartphone and pay directly in the app. Retailers increase their revenue through recommendations and real-time marketing content while saving on operational expenditures.

shopreme Scan & Go

Make it yours with our white-label client options

Our focus is on generating the greatest value for retailers and shoppers, regardless of the client implemented. That’s why shopreme Scan & Go is completely white label, giving you full control over how it looks, feels, and works for your customers. shopreme is the invisible technology provider putting your brand front and center.

Native App

  • Your branding
  • Customizable feature set
  • Great choice if you don't have an app


  • Seamless integration into your app
  • Fully customizable UI and features
  • Rich documentation in our Developer Portal

Handheld Scanner

  • No smartphone? No problem!
  • Runs on Zebra handheld scanners
  • Covers the complete core journey

Optimized Scanner

Because there is only one first impression

We believe that shopping with Scan & Go should be intuitive and feel natural. That’s why we place so much value on our scanner that works at any angle, in challenging lighting conditions, and even without connection. The crisp and responsive feedback assures customers on their shopping journey.

Offline Scanning

A smooth Scan & Go experience even without a connection

For a truly frictionless shopping experience, shopreme offers fully functional scanning even without an internet connection. Customers can continue to scan products and add them to their basket, no matter where they are in the store. This is especially useful for larger format stores, where some corners may not have connectivity. An internet connection is only necessary to process the payment.

Mobile Payment

Frictionless shopping

We offer a wide range of payment methods, including credit card, PayPal, and SEPA, empowering customers to pay with one tap. We are already integrated with many of the leading payment service providers around the world, as well as established cash register providers, both digital and physical.

Digital Receipt

Convenient and eco-friendly

Once the payment has been processed, the app automatically creates a digital receipt that is fully compliant with the EU’s fiscalization regulations. Customers can access receipts through their user account with a complete history of all purchases.

Pay at Till

Include all customers

Customers can also pay for their Scan & Go purchase at the physical cash register. Our Scan & Go solution creates a QR Code that transfers all positions in the digital basket to the cash register, which then processes the payment. To integrate your cash register, we provide a dedicated interface in the shopreme DataHub with out-of-the-box support for several well-established cash register providers. If you are a cash register provider and would like to discuss an integration with shopreme, get in touch here.

Age Verification

Safeguard your customers

Our dedicated employee app, Supervisor, includes an age verification tool that ensures underage customers cannot buy age-restricted products. When a customer wants to pay for a basket that includes an age-restricted product, they will receive a QR Code and a prompt telling them to find an employee to verify the purchase. By scanning the code, the Supervisor app works out the minimum required birthday and lets the employee quickly verify the customer’s age. The customer can then proceed with the payment.

Shared Shopping List

Engage customers wherever they are

Customers can use shopreme to browse products from the comfort of their own home, giving them a convenient way of planning their shopping. They can share the list with friends, family, or partners so they can add the things they need. This functionality gives retailers a direct touchpoint with customers and their personal network, as well as the option of recommending and upselling products based on their shopping lists.


Help your customers make better purchase decisions

Recommendations are a great way to drive revenue, and shopreme enables retailers to increase the average basket size through personalized recommendations. Our recommendations engine uses a wealth of anonymized customer data to provide suggestions as customers make their way through the store.

Product Information

Your personal shopping consultant

When you shop with shopreme, you have a personal shopping consultant in the palm of your hand, ready to supply you with detailed product information when you scan any product. There are no limits on length, language, or format, opening up the possibility for retailers to provide multimedia content to inform customers about their products. You can easily add or alter information, with the changes automatically applied to all stores.

Retail Media

Promote brands, channels, and products

Create powerful content to draw attention to things that matter and help drive revenue. Choose from top banners, hero products, and product carousels to promote private label brands, drive customers to your online store, or showcase a new product range – with shopreme, you can create campaigns in real time with the click of a button. You can then measure the success of your campaigns with the out-of-the-box conversion rate dashboard.

For a true omnichannel experience

By connecting shopreme to your existing CRM, customers can login with the same account across systems to enjoy a consistent and personalized shopping journey. Retailers can use this cross-channel synergy to provide even more accurate recommendations, enhancing the customer experience in store by suggesting products from their online history and vice versa.

Loyalty & Coupons

Retain customers by integrating your rewards and offers

With shopreme, customers can redeem vouchers digitally and add discounts before paying. All current programs and campaigns can be easily integrated and managed using shopreme, including earn-and-burn loyalty programs that allow customers to collect loyalty point directly in the app and exchange them for discounts. Bringing together all loyalty programs in one place helps retailers clearly communicate their value creation to their customers.


Get to know your customers better

By choosing a mobile app over a traditional hardware system, you will gain insights into customer behavior that has never been seen in brick-and-mortar retail. Precise data on shopping patterns enables you to optimize your store layout, target promotions effectively, and optimize dynamic pricing. Provide each customer with promotions and recommendations that suit their individual behavior and preferences. Of course, we anonymize all data to meet the highest data protection standards, including GDPR.

Try our Scan & Go demo

A demo tells more than 1000 slides. Request a tailored demo or test our iOS Scan & Go demo app to experience our features live