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Our Features

We focus on providing the greatest value for retailers and shoppers.

Overview: shopreme Scan & Go Features

With shopreme Scan & Go your customers can scan products conveniently on a smartphone and pay directly in the app. Retailers increase their revenue through recommendations and real-time marketing content while saving on operational expenditure.

White Label

It’s all about your brand

shopreme is a white label system that you can personalize with differentiation features and components. As a retailer, you can select the functions you need and we implement your chosen custom integrations, like a connection to your loyalty system. The shopreme app is branded according to your CI guidelines and app stores host it under your brand name.

Native SDK

Seamless integration into your existing app

You already have your own app? Great! We offer shopreme as an SDK that slips seamlessly into your existing app so customers can enjoy the full shopreme experience without having to switch applications.

Web App

No hassle, no commitments

We offer the full Scan & Go functionality also as a web app so your customers don’t need to download an app. They only need to start their browser on their phone, scan & go.

Mobile Payment & Digital Invoice

Let your customers choose how to pay

A wide range of different payment methods are available, such as credit card, PayPal or SEPA. After payment, the app automatically creates a digital receipt that can verify the user’s purchase. Customers pay with just one click. The process is quick and easy – and no paper is wasted on receipts, helping to conserve our natural resources. shopreme’s digital receipts comply with the EU’s fiscalization regulations.

Any Products

FMCG, electronics, fashion? We are agnostic!

shopreme is completely segment-agnostic – any retailer around the world can implement our product. Our proven solution accepts all barcodes, weighted products, loose products, age-restricted products and EAS-protected products.


Help your customers to make purchase decisions

Recommendations are a proven tool to boost sales revenues. Increase your customers’ average basket size and loyalty using shopreme’s hyper-personalized recommendations. Based on a vast range of anonymized customer data, customers receive suggestions when adding products to their shopping cart.

Cash Register Integration

Include all customers

Include all customers by allowing them to pay at the till. For that, shopreme provides all required information as a code that can be scanned by staff at the POS so customers can pay there.To integrate your cash register, the shopreme DataHub offers a designated interface that comes with out of the box support for a range of well-established cash register providers.

If you are a cash register provider and interested about an integration into shopreme, just contact our DataHub Team.

Shopreme DataHub

Low expenditure integration

Successful introduction of Scan & Go for your business relies on simple and fast integration into your existing IT infrastructure. The shopreme DataHub offers dedicated APIs to connect the solution with your components, including your ERP, Online Price Engine or Clearing system.

Get in touch to learn more: Let us demonstrate the DataHub API and show you how the shopreme DataHub is used to standardize import, storage and export data.

Product Information

pocket-sized shopping consultant

shopreme provides a pocket-sized shopping consultant, personalized, and always available. Customers scan the product to receive the information they need and the app suggests products to complement their purchase. There are no limits to length, language or format when creating content. You can also easily add or alter information, with the changes applying to all branches.

In-App Vouchers & Coupons

No more missed offers!

With shopreme, customers can redeem vouchers digitally and add discounts before paying. We integrate current programs and campaigns into the app, bringing together content from all your existing channels. For example, shopreme can also collect loyalty points, which customers can later exchange for discounts directly in the app.

Shared Shopping List

Home comforts

Customers can use the shopreme app to browse through your product range from the comfort of their home and create their own shopping list. The shopping list function also further increases customer retention by suggesting additional products or upselling options. Information on past purchases is used to recommend products that customers have likely used up. And, for that extra level of service, the shopreme shopping list also shows customers which branch currently stocks the products they need. Customers can share shopping lists and work on them together, using multiple phones.


The checkout assistant includes an age verification tool that ensures underage customers cannot buy age-restricted products. If a customer wants to buy a product that requires age verification, they will be told to reach out to one of your employees. The customer can only proceed with the payment process after an employee has verified their age.

Checkout Assistant – The App for your Employees

Live Monitor

The shopreme checkout assistant gives your employees an overview of all purchases at one location. The Android app is simple and straightforward in its design so that almost no employee training is necessary. Of course, we provide you with videos that explain the functionality of each feature.
The live monitor in the app helps your employees to see exactly how many customers are currently using the app in the specific store.


With the checkout assistant, your employees can re-scan a customer’s products to make sure they have already paid for all the items in their cart. You can decide if you want to check all customers after their purchase or if spot checks suffice. When performing spot checks, our smart suggestion algorithm supports your employees by suggesting individual customers for random checks. This ensures that employees check regular customers only at certain intervals while inspecting risk groups after every purchase.


Super smooth experience even without a connection

Customers may lose their internet connection but there’s no need to stop scanning. Our app discretely pulls a lean offline copy of your products on a regular basis, increasing performance and letting customers scan without interruptions. Only payment requires a onetime connection to finish the purchase.


Get to know your customers better

Choosing a mobile app over other hardware systems means you can record shopping behavior via customer devices, which we link with loyalty systems, location data and payments. This powerful asset enables you to optimize your store layout, targeted promotions and pricing. Provide each customer with promotions and recommendations that suit their individual behavior and preferences. Of course, we anonymize all data to meet high data protection standards, including GDPR.

Store Front

Promote brands, channels and products

Create powerful content including top banners, hero products, and product carousels to bring customers’ attention to things that matter and drive revenue. Whether you want them to visit your online store, strengthen private label products or brands, shopreme offers you the tools to create campaigns in real time with the click of a button. You can then measure your campaigns’ success through the out-of-the-box conversion rate dashboard.

For a true omnichannel experience

Provide loyalty bonuses and recommendations or track customer behavior across channels. By connecting shopreme to your existing CRM, customers can login with the same account across systems, hence enjoying a convenient and consistent user journey.

Handheld Scanner Software

The shopreme SDK is also compatible with Zebra Android handheld scanners, allowing you to provide a consistent self-scanning journey across all devices for your customers.

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