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Loss Prevention

Safeguard your revenue using robust tools.

Stay in control with shopreme

Along with customer facing Scan & Go we provide you with all tools to stay in full control of all checkouts while guaranteeing the best possible experience for customers and employees.

RFID Cloud

Exit Gate Strategies

Employee App

Shopreme Exit Terminal

The dedicated Scan & Go Exit Terminal is an optional add-on that can be used to funnel Scan & Go customers and let employees check customers after payment.
Customers scan their invoice code at a dedicated terminal and in case of a spot check, employees will be notified to verify the customer purchase.
The optional exit gate can be connected to the Exit Terminal and opens after a customer has scanned a valid invoice if not selected for a check.

Of course the Exit Terminal and the software can be branded in your Corporate Identity.

Store detection via Bluetooth

If desired, the Exit Gate can also serve as a means of store recognition via Bluetooth. shopreme Scan & Go automatically recognizes the store associated with the gate when approached.

Exit Gate

A physical barrier that opens only after customers scan their invoice code at the terminal. Informs employees of customers selected for random checks through a visual signal.

Invoice printer

Optionally, the exit gate can be expanded to include a printer for paper invoices. Customers then have the option of requesting a paper invoice at the terminal.

Payment terminal

If “terminal payment” is selected as the payment method in shopreme instead of mobile payment, payments can be made at an optional payment terminal using a credit or debit card.

Shopping cart tray

Adding a basket tray so customers can place their shopping baskets.

Smart Re-Scan

shopreme’s Scan & Go solution provides robust risk analysis algorithms to select customers for spotchecks.

During the checkout flow, some customers may be selected for a short check: Using the dedicated employee app, the store personnel is able to scan some or even all products in order to verify the purchase.

The spotcheck selection process is data based and optimized for maximum security with the least friction possible.

The re-scan selection process operates on anonymous, GDPR compliant stored information, that is used to optimize for security.
This way it can be guaranteed, that the same customer will not be checked several times in a row, if all checks have been good.

While user data triggers some re-scans, including their previous re-scan results and frequency of use, shopreme bases other checks on the specifics of the shopping journey. A third category focuses on products with triggers, including age-related products, security-protected products, or high-price items.

Of course all of those parameters can be customized to match your vision, be it higher or lower check frequency.

RFID Cloud

shopreme-integrated Smart Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions provide a unique possibility for retailers to offer their customers a seamless, autonomous shopping experience while also increasing technological efficiency. RFID Cloud solutions allow deactivating RFIDs of products after payment, enabling the customer to leave the store without employees’ help while also providing vital information that can improve on-shelf availability. Gates will only alarm in case an active RFID tag is recognized.

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