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Effective Loss Prevention

Protect your business against shrinkage with shopreme

Stay in control with shopreme

Our advanced loss prevention strategy has three components: psychological, technological, and human. Learn how a combination of these three factors can minimize risk for your business while giving you full control over the checkout experience.

In-App Mechanisms

Managing user expectations is one of the most important steps in any loss prevention strategy. Making customers aware of the security measures in place drastically reduces the likelihood of theft by clearly communicating, for example, the possibility of a spot check with an in-app reminder. This can be supplemented with physical signage at the store and the physical presence of dedicated exit hardware like shopreme vector.

Spot check notification screen in the shopreme Scan & Go app
Employee app screen showing a real-time view of all active Scan & Go baskets in the store

Employee App

We have a dedicated app for employees and see them as pivotal stakeholders in the Scan & Go process, with a vital role to play when it comes to protecting the business against shrinkage. The employee application has a live view of all baskets currently in the store, as well as those that have recently been paid for. This gives them a real-time overview of customer flow and can help identify Scan & Go customers and higher-risk baskets more easily.

Smart Re-Scan

At the heart of our loss prevention strategy is our robust risk analysis algorithm that selects customers for spot checks based on a range of configurable parameters. The smart algorithm also keeps track of the user’s Re-Scan history, so that customers who frequently return errors are selected more often, while customers with a solid track record are left undisturbed. This process operates on anonymous, GDPR-compliant stored information. The targeting follows the mantra: as much as necessary, as little as possible.

This works in tandem with the employee app, since once a spot check has been triggered a notification is pushed to the employee to perform the check. The check can be a visual inspection (for small baskets) or a Re-Scan, where the employee is shown a list of the customer’s items in the employee app, which are marked as correct once the corresponding product has been scanned by the employee. At any point during the Re-Scan, the employee can mark the basket as OK or not OK. This flexibility means the Re-Scan takes, on average, 41 seconds.

Spot check screen with basket scanner in the shopreme Employee App
shopreme vector exit solution in different colors

Exit Solutions

shopreme vector is our Scan & Go optimized exit solution that protects your business against shrinkage while your customers enjoy a hassle-free checkout experience.

Psychological Loss Prevention

shopreme vector reminds customers that they may be subject to a Spot Check and creates a dedicated exit for Scan & Go users. This creates clarity for customers and employees alike.

Technological Loss Prevention

shopreme vector is seamlessly integrated into the shopreme Ecosystem, allowing it to validate purchases and prevent any fraudulent activity, like reusing Exit Codes or using an Exit Code from another store. Barrier and payment terminal options add an extra layer of security.