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A New Generation of Loss Prevention Technologies

Shrinkage and its prevention pose a genuine challenge for retailers, with global shrinkage losses estimated to have exceeded $100 Billion in 2019. That is why retailers must develop and implement a holistic and robust loss prevention strategy that covers analog and digitally enhanced customer journeys. shopreme offers a variety of tools to help retailers to rise to the challenge.

Robust User Identification

Creates psychological theft-barrier as customers register in the app with their name and payment details. These authentication requirements, which are well-known from e-commerce for customers, minimize anonymity enough without putting customers off using the system as they embark upon an exciting Scan & Go shopping journey. Coupling Scan & Go with existing loyalty programs enhances this loss-prevention method even further.

Shaping the User Expectation

By offering Scan & Go, retailers also strengthen the trusted relationship they have with their customers. This trust comes with some rules. Therefore, it is only natural that users also effectively and efficiently learn how to use the app and the responsibilities they bring with them into this relationship. During the introduction, users receive information that random checks are possible when they complete the transaction, providing yet another barrier for theft.

Establishing Exit Control Strategies

It is possible to ask Scan & Go users to exit via designated areas that can optionally be equipped with two types of exit gates that further strengthen loss-prevention:

Exit Gate Light

  • Customers scan their invoice code at a dedicated terminal which will notify employees via the employee app of a checkout as well as displaying the products that have been paid for

Exit Gate

  • Customers scan their invoice code at a terminal
  • A barrier opens when an invoice is scanned
  • Provides a visual signal for employees in case a random check is suggested

Customers will always receive a confirmation of the success of their purchase.

RFID Cloud

Apart from exit control gates, smart Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions provide a unique possibility for retailers to offer their customers a seamless, autonomous shopping experience while also increasing technological efficiency.

RFID Cloud solutions allow deactivating RFIDs of products after payment, enabling the customer to leave the store without employees’ help while also providing vital information that can improve on-shelf availability.

Credible Audits

shopreme’s Scan & Go solution provides robust algorithms to select users for audits. While user data triggers some audits, including their previous audit data and frequency of use, shopreme bases other audits on the specifics of the shopping journey, e.g., the time between scans and scan times. A third category focuses on products with triggers, including age-related products, security-protected products, or high-price items. The employee app intelligently sorts shopping baskets to help employees to check items efficiently.

For example:

  • Articles sorted by value so employees can quickly detect higher-priced items that customers have not scanned
  • A list of above-average numbers of the same products which might be an indicator for erroneous scans
  • A list of promotional items, which might show a buy-one-get-one-free abuse

shopreme customizes these lists to best suit vertical needs.

User Communication

In-app communication checkpoints help customers with their in-store journey by providing useful tips and reminding them of the importance of scanning all items in their baskets. A prompt at the end of the purchase, prior to payment, asks them to declare that they had scanned everything accurately.


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