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We’re counting down the days until NRF 2024 in New York – and our team of retail tech experts is buzzing to introduce the very best of our self checkout technology to the US market. This year, we’ll be presenting the shopreme ecosystem, in addition to our vector and matrix hardware, to inspire you to create Self Checkout So Easy, Customers Can’t Ignore It. 

Read on for a sneak peek into the technology on display and how it can help solve the key challenges facing retailers across the US, as well as exclusive insight from our team.Curious about how shopreme technology can transform your store’s retail experience? Join us at NRF 2024 from January 14–16, Booth 261, Level 1 and see for yourself! You can even book a consultation with our team at the event:

shopreme at NRF 2024: Tech-Based Solutions to the Challenges of US Retail

shopreme is on tour: just like over 6000 retail brands that will head to New York this January. While the issue of store security is always at the forefront of the industry’s consciousness, the current economic climate means that store operators are actively searching for innovative loss prevention solutions.

While much has been made of the shoplifting “crisis” in the US, the reaction of the retail industry has been all too predictable: more security tags, more staff, more checks… and the result is a slow, arduous customer experience that results in fewer sales and a reduction in brand loyalty. Our question: does that really need to be the case? Heading to NRF 2024, we’ll be showing that an effective loss prevention strategy doesn’t need to come at the cost of speed, efficiency or revenue. Instead, with our coherent, integrated ecosystem, you can provide enjoyable customer experiences without exposing your store to theft. Kevin Müller, Director Retail Acceleration and Checkout Transformation at shopreme, explains:

“Security at the cost of customer experience isn’t sustainable: there’s no point in a loss prevention strategy that scares away regular customers too. Heading to NRF 2024, our mission is clear: provide solutions that address pain points while improving the retail experience simultaneously.”

Re-Imagining Customer Experience: the shopreme ecosystem

As technology advances, the shopping experience becomes more autonomous. While self-checkout systems are familiar to US consumers, Scan & Go – in which customers use their smartphone to scan and pay for purchases – is a new frontier. However, these systems are seen as a weak point for security, and a lack of acceptance means that self-checkouts may need more staff to operate than they should. That’s because solving the challenges of US retail requires more than just products or hardware: which is where the shopreme ecosystem comes in. Our integrated approach, successful in Europe, promises to revolutionize the US market by seamlessly connecting the key pillars of the in-store experience. From software, like customer and employee apps, to exit and self-checkout hardware, we’re creating a network that ensures continual improvement.

How Does the shopreme ecosystem Help Loss Prevention?

The shopreme ecosystem uses an algorithm-based spot check approach to alert retail staff to potential loss events. The software is compatible with both our own hardware and third-party gate providers, enabling you to create a checkout strategy that keeps Scan & Go profitable, practical and secure.

Spot checks can be triggered based on configurable parameters, including basket value, shopping speed, or even a data-based trust score. This enables stores to skip checks on low-risk baskets and focus staff efforts where loss is more likely to occur. With a customizable “risk factor” for stores in areas where losses are more common, smart checks are generally set to occur between 5% and 12% of the time. The system is made even faster thanks to the integration with staff apps, which even enable certain verifications to be completed remotely. Should an in-person spot check be required, this can be achieved without disruption to the checkout flow. Faster checks, including age verification, take between 5 and 7 seconds, while even a full rescan can be completed in 25 seconds. Nico Müller, CCO at shopreme, is excited about the potential for the technology.

“At NRF 2024, we’ll show that our loss-prevention technology can work equally well in the US as in Europe. That’s because it’s truly the best of both worlds: the ecosystem protects stores from the risk of shoplifting while ensuring a seamless checkout process.”

Fast, Easy, Secure: shopreme vector and matrix

At NRF 2024, we’ll be showcasing two outstanding pieces of hardware that can help your store make the most of a technologically-advanced self-checkout experience: the shopreme matrix and shopreme vector. Retailers can install either (or both) systems into their stores in order to facilitate seamless scan and go, or to create a self-checkout system that works more efficiently than current alternatives.

shopreme vector: Make Scan & Go… Go Faster.

The shopreme vector is an exit solution that enables stores to trust in the advantages that Scan & Go provides, without exposing themselves to unnecessary risk from shoplifting. By funneling Scan & Go users clearly into designated exit paths, the shopreme vector reduces confusion and turns this more efficient payment option into an experience that customers will return to.

The hardware can be installed with its own gate system or combined with existing ones, ensuring a seamless checkout process without high installation costs. Likewise, owing to the combination with our ecosystem’s verification and spot check algorithms, far fewer staff are required to operate the checkout process, enabling you to focus your team on more productive activities – particularly useful in a climate where finding suitable staff is tough. 

shopreme matrix: Do more, with less.

The shopreme matrix is a further, intelligent solution to the labor shortage challenge faced by retailers – a self-checkout customers actually want to use. Designed to streamline shopping experiences and enable stores to operate efficiently with reduced staff, the terminal’s sleek, intuitive UI ensures maximum speed and efficiency, reducing customer errors and requiring minimum input for in-store staff.

shopreme and Future Growth

Forward-thinking retail technology shouldn’t only be about overcoming the challenges of today. That’s why a key part of our message for NRF’s Big Retail Show 2024 is about understanding the opportunities that a connected, data-driven shopping experience can bring: for the consumer as well as the retailer.

By design, Scan & Go brings a customer’s attention to their phone, which facilitates a deeper communication between them and your brand. With the shopreme ecosystem, you can utilize this opportunity to boost your revenue. By leveraging data on customer behavior, the shopreme ecosystem can be a catalyst for sales and retention, replacing or supplementing promotions in store.

Our customer apps are white labeled and can be easily customized to your brand in terms of experience and design. The opportunity to deliver targeted promotions and integrated loyalty programs to your customers, on a much more granular level, is a vital step toward driving footfall and increasing sales. Florian Burgstaller, CEO & Co-Founder at shopreme, explains why it’s important for retailers in the US to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to retail technology.

“Scan & Go isn’t just a solution for the checkout: it’s a chance for retailers to guide the in-store experience from start to finish, bringing customers to the items they need and ensuring that they come back to your outlets time after time. That’s the true value of the shopreme ecosystem: it doesn’t just address challenges; it carries retailers toward a future of sustained growth.”

Join shopreme at NRF’s Big Retail Show 2024

Excited? You should be. At NRF 2024, we’re all set to demonstrate the value of shopreme and how an integrated approach to checkout technology can make a difference to your business. Our coherent product range, combined with our proven success in European markets, is reaching the US… and you can be among the first to benefit. Curious about how shopreme’s innovations can help you create experiences, not queues? Benefit from our ticket discount special or book a consultation with our team at the event: