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shopreme and warrify partnership

warrify and shopreme Partner to Create Value for Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Austrian companies warrify and shopreme drive retail digitalization and create shopping experiences that inspire customers.

The Digital Customer Journey in Stationary Retail

The future of brick-and-mortar retail clearly lies in digitalization. To meet the rapidly rising customer expectations, retailers need to create outstanding shopping experiences. The use of innovative technologies from shopreme and warrify makes this possible.

As part of their partnership, shopreme and warrify offer retailers a carefree package for the digital customer journey – from mobile self-checkout and digital receipts to personalized services and customer retention.

Scan and Pay with Your Phone

Scan & Go by shopreme creates smooth shopping experiences that inspire. Customers use their own smartphones to scan products and pay directly in the app. This eliminates the need to queue at the checkout and helps retailers significantly increase POS efficiency.

The optional exit solution vector combines the efficient Scan & Go concept with traditional card payment, achieving even higher adoption rates and transparency. In any case, customers leave the store with a digital receipt.

“We build on a strong network of partners to provide best-in-class retail solutions,” said Nico Müller, shopreme’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We are particularly proud of our cooperation with innovative Austrian companies like warrify. The digital receipt is the next logical step after Scan & Go. We are glad to have found a strong partner in warrify.”

The Digital Receipt – Smart and Sustainable

warrify is the renowned expert for smart receipts and helps retailers to turn them into fully-fledged customer touchpoints. This allows retailers to identify customers and target them with marketing activities even after the purchase. Crafting a perfect post-purchase experience allows them to retain customers and bond them to their brand in the long term. Integrating smart receipts into the Scan & Go solution enables a smart customer journey that does not end with the purchase.

“With the increasing number of different checkout channels, providing a consistent post-purchase experience is becoming increasingly important. Customers should get a consistent, digital experience on all channels, whether they check out at the cash desk, a self-checkout kiosk, or using Scan & Go,” explained Enzo Duit, CEO at warrify. “With our interactive receipts, we can, together with shopreme, set new standards in the area of Scan & Go.”

As a bonus, retailers can also save valuable resources by using digital receipts, thus protecting the environment.

A Consistent Shopping Experience Across Channels

shopreme and warrify can be seamlessly integrated into existing apps and adapted to individual requirements. But even without an existing app, retailers can take advantage of the respective solutions – both companies provide alternatives.

By combining Scan & Go and smart receipts, retailers create a consistent buying experience across all channels and can target customers individually. Targeted campaigns, ads, and additional services increase sales and customer loyalty.

A consistent omnichannel experience from shopping to checkout to post-purchase engagement: shop, checkout, engage, go to store
A consistent omnichannel experience from shopping to checkout to post-purchase engagement.

About shopreme

shopreme revolutionizes brick-and-mortar retail and helps retailers create outstanding hybrid shopping experiences with Scan & Go and Exit solutions. Mobile self-checkout allows customers to scan and pay for their shopping on their own smartphones, which is quick, easy, and secure. Retailers use it to optimize business processes, increase sales, and offer value-added services and loyalty programs. This is confirmed by satisfied customers such as Auchan, REWE, BILLA Austria, PENNY Germany, Douglas GmbH, Dirk Rossmann GmbH, XXXLutz Group subsidiary Möbelix & Mömax, and many other retail groups.

About warrify

warrify is a start-up from Lower Austria that aims to turn the conventional checkout receipt into a direct touchpoint on the customers’ smartphone. This helps retailers to turn the point of sale into the best lead generator. Retailers such as the Globus Baumärkte stores, CHRIST jewelry stores, the furniture retail chain porta, and A1 are already using warrify’s digital receipt to target customers even after they have made their purchase.