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shopreme provides technology for testing new checkout experience at ALDI Nord in Dutch stores  

shopreme provides Unified Self Checkout solutions for technology test of ALDI Nord in the Netherlands, introducing Scan & Go, Self Checkout Kiosks, and Exit Terminals | shopreme, a leading provider of unified self-checkout solutions, is supplying ALDI Nord’s checkout solutions tests in several stores in the Netherlands with Scan & Go, Self-Checkout kiosks and exit terminals. This initiative marks the first instance of ALDI Nord testing self-checkout solutions in its stores, offering their customers a seamless shopping experience with dedicated self-checkout areas across all selected pilot stores. 

A Unified Self-Checkout Experience

The test of ALDI Nord includes the shopreme SDK into the ALDI customer app, enhancing the app’s value for new and existing users. Customers can now use the app to scan products and make payments using their favorite payment methods, including iDEAL, Debit Card, Credit Card, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. This process culminates with issuing a digital receipt within the app, enabling customers to leave the store by scanning an exit code at the shopreme vector terminal which opens the checkout gate. 

Furthermore, an alternative shopping journey sees customers scan their products at the shopreme matrix Self-Checkout kiosk, an SCO centered around a contemporary user experience. Its user interface resembles a modern smartphone application, fit for today’s consumers. The shopreme matrix dispenses a short exit code receipt to open the vector exit terminal to leave the store after payment. shopreme’s Eco Receipt option minimizes paper usage by about 80% while offering customers to scan a QR code with their smartphone to obtain a full digital receipt.  

Convenience and Efficiency

The shopreme Ecosystem connects all self-checkout clients, promoting cost-efficiency and enabling a hybrid shopping journey. Hence, customers can scan all items using their phone and opt for card payment at the matrix SCO. Age verification happens through shopreme’s Employee App, allowing store personnel to conduct remote age verifications. Consequently, interactions between staff and customers are more demand-centric than traditional self-checkout areas, enhancing overall store efficiency. 

Partnership and Plans

Dr. Christian Bock, Team Lead Self-Service Checkout & Cashless Payment at ALDI Nord, remarked:  “At ALDI Nord, we are systematically leveraging the advantages of digitisation and automation. To offer our customers a hassle-free experience, we are testing different shopping experiences and evaluating modern checkout systems. Shopreme has proven to be a reliant partner to gain a bigger picture of future checkout technologies, also referring to our in-store processes. These aspects play a crucial role when developing a long-term checkout strategy.” 

Florian Burgstaller, CEO at shopreme, noted: “Working with ALDI Nord to bring our unified self-checkout solutions to their test stores has been a rewarding experience. Our shared focus on creating lean, fast, and valuable solutions for shoppers makes this cooperation a perfect fit. We are particularly excited about all our solutions – from Scan & Go to SCO and Exit Terminals – being tested at once and to evaluate their positive impact on customers.” 

About shopreme

shopreme is at the forefront of unified self-checkout solutions, offering a comprehensive range of products and services to simplify and enhance the retail customer experience. With their innovative Scan & Go, SCO, and exit solutions, shopreme is revolutionizing how customers shop and pay in stores. 

About ALDI Nord

ALDI Nord is one of the leading international retail enterprises. With a tradition stretching back over 110 years, the ALDI brand is synonymous with the invention of discount retail. The ALDI Nord Group of Companies focuses on the essentials and reliably offers its customers in nine European countries high-quality products at the lowest possible price. Key to the continuing success of ALDI Nord is its workforce of over 91,000 ALDI employees in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain.