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Douglas – Scan & Go Launch with shopreme

On November 26, 2020, Douglas opened its latest flagship store in Munich, a flagship store that stands for innovation and the latest trends. Douglas is also implementing the latest payment option, Scan & Go by shopreme.

Douglas Scan&Go Web App

With shopreme’s shopping apps, customers scan their purchases themselves using their smartphones and pay directly in the web app. They do not have to wait at the checkout, and enjoy many other advantages during their instore journey.

Douglas Scan & Go Web App with new features and exit gate

shopreme Scan & Go fits Douglas’ requirements: a Scan & Go web app, so customers don’t need to download an app, but can still enjoy all functionalities in Douglas’ branding.

  • For the first time, customers can scan their purchases via barcode in their browser.
  • All promotions, the Douglas Loyalty Club and the Beauty Card are integrated into the app.

The Scan & Go software solution is complemented by a checkout gate hardware solution installed at the exit area if the store, which was designed and produced in cooperation with Umdasch The Storemakers. All functional requirements and an individual design could be fulfilled.

shopreme Exit Gate at Douglas

The first contact between shopreme and Douglas was made at the Euroshop in February 2020. Following the lockdown and the evaluation phase, the project started in summer. Within only three months, the software and hardware had been individually implemented for Douglas Scan & Go and Adyen was introduced and integrated as the new payment service provider. Douglas was involved in the development of the software to maximise value in the process. For this purpose, a test environment was provided where Douglas experts could test any updates that were continuously added, during a series of two-week sprints.

Modern brand meets modern technology

Douglas’ new brand image makes it more innovative and digitally advanced with shopreme making a key contribution to Douglas’ modern image.

As one of the leading multi-channel premium beauty retailers in Europe with 2,400 stores, Douglas is investing in flagship stores to transform them into points of experience. This is precisely where digital solutions such as Scan & Go Shopping Apps come into play to strengthen brick and mortar stores with familiar convenience features.

Douglas Flagship Store in Munich

Douglas opened its latest flagship store in Munich on November 26, 2020. Spread over four floors and an area of more than 1100 square meters, it will be the largest store in Munich. As one of Europe’s leading premium beauty retailers, Douglas is thus systematically continuing its investments in the store network in metropolitan regions. In doing so, it is implementing its latest concept for an inspiring shopping experience with a variety of innovative beauty services, first-class advice, inspiration for the latest trends and customer events. The Munich flagship store stands for a unique pilot project with its “Test & Learn” strategy. Douglas focuses on the latest innovations and trends, testing whether new concepts, new beauty treatments, ranges and products are successfully received by customers.