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4 Reasons why Scan & Go will Shape the Future of Brick and Mortar Retail

Scan & Go is taking off in stationary retail. Every week there are new stores that implement the innovative payment option for their customers. But Scan & Go is more than just a checkout option.

What is shopreme Scan & Go?

Scan & Go is the latest payment option in brick and mortar retail. Using shopreme’s app, customers scan products with their smartphone, pay directly in the web app and leave the store without having to queue at the checkout.

Stationary retailers can offer their customers a unique shopping experience with shopreme’s apps. Besides Scan & Go, shopreme offers many functionalities including:

  • Shopping list
  • Indoor navigation and location-based marketing
  • Interactive product information
  • Storage of digital invoices
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Connection to the loyalty club

4 Reasons why Brick-and-Mortar Retail choose Scan & Go

  1. Savings at POS
    With Scan & Go, check-out counters can be reduced and space, hardware, software, and personnel can be saved.
  2. Shopping experience and happy customers
    Satisfied and enthusiastic customers are known to come back to shop more frequently at stores that offer a mobile Self-checkout solution. shopreme compensates many of the competitive disadvantages of stationary retail compared to online shopping, effectively supporting customers during the purchasing process, for example:
    • The payment process is perceived by customers as a waste of time and pain. With Scan & Go there is no waiting time at the checkout and fast and easy payment processing.
    • It is easy to find the products customers are looking for.
    • Additional product information to support purchase decisions.
  3. Sales increase through recommendations and campaigns
    In e-commerce, product recommendations can boost the average order value by 50%. This potential can also be exploited in brick and mortar stores. shopreme’s apps offer personalized recommendations based on shopping behavior and machine learning. Additionally, shopreme offers micro-campaigning tools, enabling cost-effective real-time advertising, resulting in increased sales revenue.
  4. Contactless shopping
    During the current pandemic, the desire for contactless shopping has increased dramatically. Scan & Go is the answer – the only completely contactless solution. The interaction with the customer and the entire payment process runs via the customer’s smartphone and does not require direct contact or the use of shared devices. Thus, shopreme increases safety for employees and customers.

References and Success Stories

shopreme has successfully been deployed at BILLA AustriaMunich AirportFreiraum Berlin, Möbelix, and go2market Vienna.

Scan & Go at Billa was awarded the Best Retail Cases Award in 2020. 2,500 users and a five-member media jury selected the best digital retail innovations. As the winner of the special category “Sights in Covid-19: Rethinking Retail”, the shopreme solution came out on top.

shopreme apps digitize stationary retail and thus merge the best of both worlds – online and stationary. This is the future of retail!

You want to know more?

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