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Partnership with Umdasch Group Ventures

Founding of shopreme GmbH – Start of a strategic partnership with Umdasch Group Ventures

Shopreme is a software solution for the stationary retail trade. With the main features Mobile Scan & Pay and Indoor Navigation, customers have a unique shopping experience. Shopreme was developed by wirecube GmbH, a software company based in Graz (Austria). Together with Umdasch Group Ventures, a joint venture has now been founded to create the shopping experience of the future.

Scan & Go

Scan & Go is the heart of the shopreme software solution and is already in use at Billa Austria, Möbelix and Munich Airport. Customers scan their chosen products themselves and pay directly via their smartphones. This saves customers valuable time, because waiting lines at the cash desk belong to the past.

Features of shopreme and its customer benefits

Shopreme offers shoppers a great convenience for their shopping experience with the following features:

  • Multilingual product information with multimedia content
  • Navigation to the desired product
  • Shopping list
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Payment option with all common methods
  • Connection of loyalty programs, customer clubs and voucher campaigns
  • Contactless shopping (Social Distancing)

For retailers, the use of shopreme offers numerous advantages:

  • Cross- & Up-Selling through personalized recommendations
  • Digital, fiscalisation in compliance with the law
  • Customer loyalty through integration of vouchers and promotions
  • Control for age-restricted products and secured goods
  • Employee app with live monitoring to control purchases
  • Reporting for the optimization of store layouts
  • Interfaces for the connection to e-commerce systems
  • Integration of Electronic Shelf Labels

Revolution in stationary retail – the future of shopping

The Scan & Pay solution shopreme digitizes the purchasing process. It brings the advantages of online shopping to stationary retail and combines the best of both worlds: No queues, additional product information and recommendations.

The digitization of shopping processes opens up new possibilities of additional monetization for retailers along with the modern experience for end customers. On top of the increase in productivity and savings potential, shopreme leads to increased sales through improved customer interaction.

About the joint venture shopreme GmbH

The shopreme GmbH was spun off from the wirecube GmbH in July 2020, the Umdasch Group Ventures joined as a strategic partner.

Umdasch Group Ventures is the future and innovation hub of the global Umdasch Group and designs construction processes as well as buying processes of the future. As a shaper of the future, the company focuses on latest technologies and trends, enters into strategic partnerships with young technology companies and develops its own new business opportunities.

“We have looked at many retailtech start-ups globally. None of them convinced us as much in terms of technology and people as shopreme / wirecube GmbH. The performance and functions of the software are impressive. Shopreme creates so many new possibilities and opportunities to the retail sector,”– says Werner H. Bittner, CEO of Umdasch Group Ventures.

With the Umdasch Group, umdasch The Store Makers is another strong partner in the alliance, where there is already a cooperation with shopreme. In addition to store design, general contracting, digital retail services and solutions, the service spectrum for retail is now being rounded off with mobile solutions.