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We are the global technology leader in the Scan & Go sector, aiming to change the way consumers experience physical shopping.

World-Leading Self-Checkout Solutions

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Million Installs

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First Time Customers Return

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Focus on Unified Checkout


Average Feedback

Brick-and-mortar store

of the Top 100 Retailers use shopreme


Shoppers scan products with the retailer’s branded smartphone app


Customers pay directly in the app using a wide range of payment methods


After payment, customers receive a digital receipt and can leave the store

POS Hardware

Join the SCO revolution

Controlled exit flow

The shopreme Ecosystem

We provide turnkey Self-Checkout solutions for retailers, including a white-label Scan & Go solution, a Self-Checkout Kiosk, and a dedicated Exit System that provides a clear endpoint for the customer journey. All solutions are connected through the shopreme Ecosystem and benefit from our Employee App, detailed analytics, and pre-integration of many popular POS systems and payment service providers.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Handling your complexity is what we do best. We take care of everything from securely completing the payment to reporting the transaction to your accounting.

It’s your data

Your shopreme system can run on-premise or in the cloud. This gives you full control over your data.

It’s your experience

shopreme integrates seamlessly into your existing customer experience, including your loyalty programs, coupons and recommendations.

Understand your customers

Our analytics engine and dashboards help you to better understand your customers. Drive customer loyalty and increase revenue through tailored recommendations and promotions.

Optimize your store

Leverage detailed insights provided by shopreme, learn from your customers and improve your in-store experience.

Track customer behaviour

Discover what it takes to make your customers say yes. Visualize your top-selling products, conversion rate, average basket size, revenue and other key retail KPIs.

Smooth Integration

The most critical factor for a successful introduction of Scan & Go is the integration into your existing infrastructure.

To ensure a fast and smooth integration, we have implemented the shopreme DataHub, which offers well documented interfaces for external systems that are often part of the Scan & Go user journey, such as:

  • Product Information Import
  • Loyalty Systems
  • Transaction clearing
  • Online Price Calculation
  • Invoicing
  • Cash Register Payment

Selected Customers

“Scan & Go has been a huge success for us, and our customers love it. It is incredible that up to 10% of purchases are already made with Scan & Go. That exceeds all our expectations and confirms we’ve made the right decision. shopreme has been the ideal technology partner to make this success happen.”
Marco Statt
Marco Statt, CIO, Dohle Handelsgruppe
“At REWE, we are very glad that we chose shopreme for our Scan & Go solution. They excel at their adaptivity, flexibility for custom solutions, and their fast development cycles.”
Oliver Schnurr, Product Owner, REWE digital
“The cooperation with shopreme has always been characterized by pragmatic and cooperative unity. The agile team delivered excellent results in developing and customizing their product for us, with strong support from the management.”
Marko Scheffler, Chief Product Owner, REWE digital

Pioneering discount retailing giant ALDI Nord, with a network spanning over 5,000 stores, is testing shopreme’s Scan & Go technology in several locations, offering their customers a seamless and expedited self-checkout experience. ALDI Nord utilizes the whole shopreme ecosystem of Scan & Go, matrix SCO and vector Exit Solution.

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Auchan Romania Logo

Auchan Romania, offering modern and high-quality retail experiences in more than 220 stores, continues digitalizing its stores by introducing Scan & Go based on the powerful shopreme SDK.

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BILLA AG, an Austrian retail innovation leader, was looking for a cutting-edge solution to give their customers the most convenient shopping experience.


Europe’s third largest drugstore chain was able to increase its existing app’s value by seamlessly integrating Scan & Go through shopreme’s SDK.

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This subsidiary of the XXXLutz Group, the world’s second largest furniture retailer, uses shopreme so their customers can self-order furniture from the warehouse.

Mömax a multinational furniture retailer provides self-ordering from the warehouse using shopreme.

Douglas Logo

Europe’s leading premium beauty retailer with around 2,400 stores in 26 European countries also chose shopreme as its mobile self-checkout solution to offer a unique customer journey in its new flagship store.

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Penny, daughter of the REWE Group and one of the world’s most successful discount supermarket chains with over 3550 stores, has rolled out shopreme Scan & Go in more than 160 stores to provide its customers frictionless self-checkout.

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REWE, Europe’s 5th largest food retailer with more than 3500 stores, uses the shopreme SDK to provide its customers a fast and convenient shopping experience, starting with more than 110 stores.

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HIT Logo

HIT, part of the Dohle Handelsgruppe, is known for its great variety of first-class products. With Scan & Go and exit hardware from shopreme, the food retailer now offers a perfect hybrid in-store shopping experience and achieves exceptionally high adoption rates.