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Auchan Romania Launches Scan & Go Based on shopreme’s Renowned Technology

Auchan Retail Romania continues the process of digitalizing its stores and introduces Scan & Go, a customer self-scan service available through the Auchan mobile app. The project begins with a pilot stage implemented within the Auchan Drumul Taberei hypermarket in Bucharest and will gradually be available in the entire network of hypermarkets, as well as in MyAuchan convenience stores in the future.

Starting this month, MyCLUB Auchan users can utilize their own smartphones to scan any product in the store on their own as they add it to their shopping cart, considerably reducing the time spent at the cash register. With the Auchan app, available for free in the Google Play and App Store, customers can scan the barcode on any product in the store. With the app displaying the total value of the shopping cart in real time, customers have permanent cost control and can see the accumulated MyCLUB benefits at the end of their purchases.

Customer scanning a product with the Auchan Romania app.
The Scan & Go functionality in the Auchan Romania app is powered by shopreme.

To complete the shopping session, Scan & Go customers can pay in cash or by credit card at the dedicated cash registers. Auchan aims to soon also integrate a new feature, allowing customers to pay for purchases directly from the mobile application.

„The main advantage of this service is the efficiency of the time spent shopping and giving our loyal customers the opportunity to replace the entire process of placing products on tape, scanning them by a cashier, and then packing the products, with an innovative experience which reinvents the course of shopping in our stores. The self-scan service is intuitive, secure, and fast and its integration into the Auchan app allows us to offer promotions and services suited to each individual profile and its preferences”, said Teodor Șerban, Efficiency and Projects Director at Auchan Retail Romania.

Scan & Go shopping basket in the Auchan Romania app.
The Scan & Go shopping basket in the Auchan Romania app gives customers complete cost control with real-time price calculation.

How the Scan & Go Service Works

  • Customers open the Auchan app, press the “Start Scan & Go” button, and follow the steps to identify the location of the store and their account in the Auchan app. To access the Scan & Go section, the user has to be a member of MyCLUB Auchan and have an account on the platform.
  • The customers use the app to scan the barcode of each product added to the shopping cart. The number of items can be easily adjusted for each product, including the option to remove scanned items from the cart.
  • After completing the product selection, customers can pay at the designated cash registers.
  • They press the “Pay” button in the app to start the payment process. After specifying whether they want to add shopping bags, the app will load the payment page with a QR code.
  • The customers scan the QR code at the cash register and can then pay for purchases in cash or by credit card.
  • The cash register will issue a tax receipt, which customers need to scan to leave the store.

Scan & Go is an innovative technology provided by the Austrian company shopreme, Europe’s leading provider of mobile self-checkout solutions for the retail industry.

„It is fantastic to be chosen as a best-of-breed solution by retailers such as Auchan, who live and breathe retail innovation. This project is proof of our ability to deliver high-quality projects on an international level, and we are grateful to have found a reliable and modern partner in Auchan”, said Nico Müller, Chief Commercial Officer at shopreme.

About Auchan

Auchan Romania has 243 stores in its portfolio, including 33 hypermarkets, 5 supermarkets, and 205 MyAuchan ultra-convenience stores, of which 196 are in Petrom stations, as well as the online store. With a turnover of more than 1.2 billion Euros in taxes, Auchan offers the residents of the cities where its stores are present a modern, quality trade with the widest range of products and a responsible discount concept with all low prices, permanently. In 2021, Auchan won the Customers’ Friend medal and the Customers’ Friend – Superior Excellence status.

About shopreme

shopreme revolutionizes brick-and-mortar retail and helps retailers create outstanding hybrid shopping experiences with Scan & Go and Exit solutions. Mobile self-checkout allows customers to scan and pay for their shopping on their own smartphones, which is quick, easy, and secure. Retailers use it to optimize business processes, increase sales, and offer value-added services and loyalty programs. This is confirmed by satisfied customers such as REWE, BILLA Austria, PENNY Germany, Douglas GmbH, Dirk Rossmann GmbH, XXXLutz Group subsidiary Möbelix & Mömax, and many other retail groups.