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Launch of shopreme at go2market Store

Where Innovation Meets Innovation

On the 15th of October 2020, go2market supermarket went live in Vienna, enabling customers to enjoy the ultimate shopping experience using shopreme’s Scan & Go solution.

go2market – Flat rate store for real-life market research

go2market, formerly Weekend supermarket, has recently reopened its doors, displaying a variety of new FMCG goods on an area of 400 m². With its concept, customers pay a flat rate to buy new products. Customers can buy a monthly subscription, ranging between EUR 12.90 and 16.90, allowing them to take products of a value of EUR 55 from the store.

The product portfolio includes regional and international product innovations that are not yet on the market or are just being launched. The aim is to receive customer feedback on the products.

Research shows that 9 out of 10 new products fail, a problem go2market wants to solve. New products are tested in real life in a test market that is representative of the Austrian population – after the purchase, customers give feedback on the products.

In addition to product innovations, the store is also equipped with technical innovations, including shopreme’s Scan & Go app, which was chosen to enable autonomous checkout. In the new go2market supermarket, mobile self-checkout is the only way to checkout – with many advantages for both the customer and the retailer:

  • Customers always keep an overview of their available credit while shopping. The payment process is simple, queues are a thing of the past.
  • The supermarket thus increases productivity; a dedicated checkout area is not required and interaction with customers can be handled with ease.

Adaptation and implementation of shopreme in just 3 weeks

In an extremely short lead time of only 3 weeks, shopreme was adapted and implemented for go2market with new, individual features. The technical requirements could be fulfilled without much effort due to the high flexibility of shopreme. The following features were added to the existing functionality of shopreme:

  • Payment was supplemented by a credit balance, which customers can clearly manage in their app.
  • A limit was added on how many pieces of each product can be purchased per customer.
  • For the data connection, we worked closely with go2market’s ERP system provider Scrimo throughout the implementation.
  • Personalized surveys for market research purposes were integrated into the app. This allows customers to be asked about the respective product directly after purchase.

With shopreme’s mobile self-checkout solution, retailers and customers benefit from very simple and transparent processing.

Installation of an exit gate to reduce shrinkage

New in go2market is the use of exit gate hardware in combination with Scan & Go in form of a touch screen display with a scanner. The purpose is to increase security by evaluating at the exit gate whether the customer has paid. This is ensured by a QR code, which the buyer receives in the app after the payment process and is scanned at the terminal before leaving.

shopreme Exit-Gate © Günther Zipfelmayer

We are looking forward to long-term cooperation with our new and innovative partner go2market, who is already preparing an expansion to Germany. The partnership with go2market also enables us to test new concepts quickly and easily. This is how innovation meets innovation!