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Shared Shopping List: Driving Engagement and Basket Value

Physical shopping lists are almost as old as commerce itself, and digital shopping lists have been a common feature in retail apps for some time. However, customer expectations are rising as retail becomes more and more digital, and simple shopping lists are no longer enough in many cases. We are proud to have developed a Shared Shopping List for shopreme Scan & Go that allows retailers to create value for their customers and benefit from increased engagement outside the store.

Social Features for Social Animals

Aristotle said that “man is by nature a social animal,” and his wisdom has stood the test of time. Even though social contacts were severely restricted during the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is (mostly) free of social restrictions, and we can return to spending time with our friends and family in person rather than through a screen.

As we welcome our loved ones back into our homes, the time has finally come to enjoy a meal together again. A big family dinner, an evening of tapas and board games, or a brunch with your best friends – whatever the occasion, it’s back! With all the joy and excitement comes the planning and preparation, and as anyone who has cooked for one of these things will tell you: if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

Two smartphones display shopreme's Shared Shopping List and its share function.
Create shopping lists and share them with family and friends – with shopreme Scan & Go.

Shop as a Team with shopreme’s Shared Shopping List

Shopping lists are essential in planning any dinner, party, or even your weekly shopping. Luckily, shopreme’s Shared Shopping List means you don’t have to do it alone. Start a shopping list in shopreme Scan & Go, and invite family members and friends, so they can also use the app to browse the retailer’s inventory and add the items they want. They can do this on their own device wherever they are – in the car, at the retail store, or from the couch at home.

Even though shopreme can’t cook for you, it can make getting everything you need for your dinner party a breeze. Everyone sharing a shopping list can also shop as a team in the store. As soon as someone scans an item, it is added to the basket and removed from the shared shopping list for everyone. This functionality makes big and social purchases not only a lot easier and faster but also more predictable and exciting.

shopreme Scan & Go product search: catalog view and keyword search.
Browse the entire product catalog or look up specific items to add them to the shopping list.

Great Value for Retailers

Shared shopping lists are not only convenient for retail customers. They are also an excellent tool for retailers to create additional value and increase customer loyalty. Moreover, they can be a strong differentiator and, thus, create a competitive advantage.

By implementing a Scan & Go solution with a shared shopping list feature, retailers can engage customers outside the store by allowing them to browse the selection from anywhere. They can show them personalized recommendations and discounts while they plan their shopping to drive basket value.

Retailers also benefit from their customers’ network – their family and friends. For one thing, a shared shopping list means a shared basket, resulting in a higher basket value. The items added by other parties could also pique the interest of the regular shopper, introducing them to new products that may become part of their weekly shopping in the future.

On the other hand, a shared shopping list also helps retailers win new customers who might currently shop elsewhere. As existing customers invite them to join a shopping list, they get introduced to the retailer’s products and services. And if the experience is superior, they are very likely to switch.

If you would like to learn more about shopreme Scan & Go, contact us for more information and a personal product demo.